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English Grammar
An online collection of grammar tests and tutorials.

ESL Classroom
Grammar exercises and quizzes for beginner to advanced students.

Vocabulary Quizzes
Basic to Advanced Vocabulary quizzes.

Phrasal Verbs
An alphabetical list of phrasal verbs with examples.

Basic to Advanced Quizzes.

English Lessons and Tests
English lessons and tests on many different subjects.

ESL Partyland Quiz Center
Grammar quizzes from easy to difficult.

English Zone
Large collection of grammar exercises.

English Grammar Connection
Grammar exercises for various levels.

Grammar Quizzes
A collection of grammar quizzes on many topics

Easy Grammar Exercises
A collection of easy grammar exercises

ESL Study Zone
Large collection of grammar exercises.

ESL Blues
Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English

Grammar Check
Assorted grammar exercises

Grammar and Writing - Interactive Quizzes
Grammar and writing quizzes for higher level classes

English Exercise Online
Grammar quizzes

English Grammar Quizzes using JavaScript
Interactive grammar quizzes

Isabel's ESL Site
Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation quizzes
Magnetic Words
Make and reorder sentences

Hangman Game

Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verb Exercises

ESL Study Zone
330 Grammar Topics

Venture Arcade



Reading Comprehension
Intermediate to advanced reading comprehension.


Paragraph Punch
Writing a basic paragraph

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Contains information on grammar and writing.

Writing Zone
Writing exercises and lessons.


The Listening Room
Three levels of listening exercises with multiple choice questions and cloze exercises.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Listening Exercises.

Takako's Great Adventure
Follow the adventures of Takako.

Intermediate listening activities

Learning Oral English Online
Conversations for ESL Students

News Stories
News stories

Online ESL Articles
News stories with gap fill and multiple choice exercises

OM Audio
Online conversations with a variety of accents

EAP Radio
Student produced radio show


An alphabetical list of idioms with examples of usage.

Idioms, Phrasal Verbs &Slang Quizzes
Idioms, phrasal verbs and slang.

Vocabulary collection including idioms.


TOEFL and TSE Test Preparation
The official TOEFL website

TOEIC Sampler (Requires Email account)
This short evaluation test presents questions as seen on the TOEIC® test

Common Errors in English (Advanced)
Deviations from the standard use of English

TOEIC Preparation
TOEIC practice questions

TOEFL practice questions


Sounds of English
Directory of Sounds

English Pronunciation
Pronunciation practice with examples

English Pronunciation Practice
Minimal Pair Practice & Quizzes

American English Pronunciation
Pronunciation examples and practice

The Sounds of American English

Pronunciation exercises and practice.

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BVC Student Email
Setting up an account

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