The people involved in this project were;

Cathy Black
Created the exercises Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Buying a Fridge, An Evening Out, Gazpacho, Renting an Apartment and Job Interview.

Dan Gibbins
Vocal talent

Andrea Hanslip
Created the exercises; Cox Bay Resort, Chili, Making Plans, Parks and Rec, Film Recorder and King Lear.

Larry Lee
Created the exercises; Mrs. Mason’s Apartment, Thomas and Norbert, Returning an Item, and Paying a Bill

Jason McCorrister
Created the exercises; Wings, Culture Shock, Dinner Party, Hockey Violence, Bob and Susan, and University Group Work.

Allison Roth
Vocal talent

Roy Wilkinson
Created the exercises; Canadian Geography, Buying a Sweater, My Friend Harry, Eastview Cinemas, Emergency, Suyeon’s New Apartment, Frank’s Check Up, Buying a Sweater, Apartment Problems, Science Lesson, and EauClaire Cinemas

Cameron Young
Created the exercises Getting Fit, Making an Appointment, Northside Pool and Fitness and Calling About an Apartment. Audio recording and encoding, javascript development and programming, website design.


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