Calling About an Apartment

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Manager: Hello

Richard: Hello. My name is Richard Wilson and I'm calling about the 1 that is advertised in the newspaper. Is it still available?

Manager: Yes it is 2 for first of the month.

Richard: What can you tell me about it?

Manager: Well, it's a one-bedroom apartment. It's on the second floor at the back of the 3 away from the street so it is very quiet. It has new carpets and it was painted recently. The fridge, stove and dishwasher were all replaced last year. Most of the tenants are older and there are no children or pets. It is a very quiet building.

Richard: Does the apartment have a 4 and dryer?

Manager: No it doesn't. But there is a coin operated 5 in the basement of the building.

Richard: How much is the rent?

Manager: If you wish to rent month to month, the rent is $650 a month and we require one months rent in 6 as a damage deposit. If you want to sign a one year lease the rent is $625 and $600 as a damage deposit.

Richard: Is everything 7 in the rent?

Manager: No. Heat and one parking stall are included but you have to pay for your own 8 and cable television.

Richard: The parking is not important because I don't have a car but it is important that there is a bus route close by.

Manager: There is bus stop one block away. It is a major 9 so the service is quite frequent.

Richard: What else is in the neighborhood?

Manager: There is a park close by and there is a small mall that has a grocery store , post office and 10 store.

Richard: It sounds just like what I am looking for. When can I come and see it?

Manager: How about tomorrow at 1 o'clock? If you like the apartment you can fill out an application. The address is 123 Northside Drive. You can catch the #15 bus and get off Center Street intersection.

Richard: Sounds good. I'll see you then.

Manager: See you tomorrow.

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