Suyeon's New Apartment

Length 2:15    Level - I

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  1. How did Carmen and Suyeon find the apartment for rent?

    Their teacher told them.
    They looked in the newspaper.
    Julia's friend told them about it.
    They found it while they were shopping.

  2. Why did they walk to the apartment?

    They needed the exercise.
    They couldn't start their car.
    They wanted to see how much time it would take.
    They wanted to go shopping.

  3. How much was the rent?

    $450 a month.
    $900 a month.
    $450 a month plus utilities.
    Carmen didn't say.

  4. Where was the laundry room?

    In the apartment.
    There was no laundry room.
    In the basement.
    On the 3rd floor.

  5. How long did it take to walk to the apartment?

    20 minutes.
    1 hour
    40 minutes.

  6. Can Julia have a cat in the apartment?

    Yes, she can.
    Only a small cat.
    No, she can't.
    Yes, but she has to pay more money.

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