Paying a Bill

Fill in the blanks

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Cashier: Hello. What can I do for you?

Customer: Hi. 1 like to pay my telephone bill for this past month. Is this the last day for paying my phone bill without a penalty?

Cashier: Yes, it is. 2 just in time. 3 closing in ten minutes. 4 due date is today.

Customer: Good, 5pay now.

Cashier: Will that be cash or cheque?

Customer: Cash.

Cashier: 6 $55.07 from $60.00. 7 your change and your receipt.

Customer: Do I have to come here to pay my bill every month?

Cashier: No, you have other choices. You can send in your bill with a cheque by mail or pay your bill through your bank for a small fee.

Customer: Oh. Since I hate writing cheques, I think I'd much rather pay it through my bank. 8 more convenient. Thanks a lot. Bye!

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