Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is part of our Canadian 1 and is the most important law because if gives all 2 their freedom.

According to this charter, freedom means freedom of religion, freedom of thought, and 3 to assemble peacefully. In Canada, citizens are free to practice any religion they wish, or none at all. Canadians can express their opinions and beliefs and the media can write stories without fear of reprisals. Canadians can meet in groups and even 4 if they want to.

Along with these rights, Canadians have basic 5 . Basic rights allow people to vote; live and work anywhere in Canada; run for political office; and expect equal treatment regardless of sex, race, 6 , age or disability. Canadians have legal rights too, which means they cannot be arrested without reason and 7 cannot be searched or seized without explanation.

Of 8 , all these rights and freedoms don't go without 9 . As Canadians, we have to obey the laws, vote in elections, be loyal to our country, treat everyone fairly, respect our heritage, and take care of our 10 .

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