Chili Recipe

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  1. Whose recipe for chili is this?

    the woman's father's
    the woman's mother's
    the woman's grandfather's
    the woman's grandmother's

  2. What did the woman's mother not add to the chili?

    chili powder
    onion powder
    garlic powder

  3. She didn't add this because_________.

    she didn't like it
    the kids didn't like it
    her dad didn't like it
    her husband didn't like it

  4. What must you do with the ground beef?

    brown it
    freeze it
    boil it
    bake it

  5. What is chili served with?

    kidney beans
    hot pepper flakes

  6. What can you NOT have with chili?

    cheddar cheese
    sour cream

  7. If you cook chili in a crock pot, you _________.

    cook it all day
    brown the beef last
    cook it for half an hour
    cook it for 3 hours

  8. The woman says she has made chili for ________.

    her office
    her husband
    her parents
    her class

  9. The woman is talking to ______.

    her mother
    her grandmother
    her friend
    her students

  10. What is the main idea of the passage?

    It's easy to make chili
    The woman's mother liked to make chili.
    Ground beef is necessary.
    Chili is tasty.

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