Cox Bay Resort

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  1. Where is the Cox Bay Resort?

    10 km north of Tofino
    10 km south of Tofino
    10 km east of Tofino
    10 km west of Tofino

  2. How can you stop the voice message?

    change categories
    press "1"
    press "0"
    call another number

  3. The beach cottages do NOT have ______.

    2 bedrooms
    a kitchen
    a combination bath and shower
    a dishwasher

  4. The maximum number of people in a beach cottage is _____.


  5. A one-bedroom suite on the main floor has _____.

    2 bedrooms
    a dishwasher
    a deck
    a patio

  6. How many beds are in a 2-bedroom suite?


  7. What is allowed at the resort?

    a dog
    a child
    a cat

  8. What season would you be in if you wanted to stay in April?


  9. Why should you book in advance?

    The hotel is small.
    Booking agents are busy.
    To get the kind of accommodation you want.
    To get more people into a room.

  10. What kind of accommodation is likely to be the most expensive?

    2 bedroom suite
    Starfish Suite
    Pacific Suite
    Anemone Suite

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