Culture Shock

Length 3:18    Level - III

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  1. Which of the following is NOT a symptom of culture shock:

    Feeling confused
    Feeling lost
    Being tired or unable to sleep
    Being surprised by the new culture

  2. The honeymoon period is characterized by feelings of:

    Acceptance and comfort
    Happiness and excitement
    Nervousness and fear
    Anger and frustration

  3. From the listening, what does "get on somebody's nerves" mean?

    To bother someone
    To excite someone
    To surprise someone
    To calm someone down

  4. During the integration stage the person will:

    Want to return home
    Begin to feel comfortable
    Join the new culture
    Feel very uncomfortable

  5. When does reverse culture shock happen?

    When you arrive in the new culture
    When you live in another country for a long time
    During the integration stage
    After you return home

  6. Which is NOT true about culture shock:

    Culture shock is different for everyone.
    The honeymoon stage usually lasts three months.
    Some people don't have a honeymoon stage.
    Culture shock is different from a cross-cultural surprise.

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