Film Recorder

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  1. A film recorder takes images

    on film and puts them onto computers
    on film and uses them in a theatre
    from computers and puts them on film
    and stores them inside it

  2. What kinds of film recorders are there?

    laser and CRT
    cathode ray tube and CRT
    lazer and CRD
    cathode ray tube and CRD

  3. The picture is displayed through ___________ filters.

    purple, yellow, and green
    red, green, and blue
    red, green, and pink
    yellow, green, and blue

  4. The first step in the process is _________________.

    loading film into the magazine
    turning the camera on
    attaching the magazine to the camera
    getting a lightproof tent

  5. What is a film gate?

    It moves the film along.
    It lets light through onto the film.
    It controls the sprockets.
    It is a pin on a wheel.

  6. What is a sprocket?

    It lets the light through onto the film.
    It is 35,mm film.
    It is a CRT case.
    It is a pin on a wheel.

  7. Where are the computer files?

    On a sprocket
    On a hard drive
    In the magazine
    On the film recorder

  8. Why does it take so long to do a frame?

    the sprocket holes
    very high resolution
    fine grain structure

  9. What is the last thing the man does?

    Ships the film
    Processes the film
    Makes video copies
    Makes prints

  10. A film recorder is ________.

    like a VCR.
    A complex piece of machinery
    An inexpensive tool.
    Useful in a movie theatre.

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