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Larry: Hey Jenny, how's it going?

Jenny: Great Larry, and you?

Larry: Couldn't be better! So are you ready to work on the class 1 ?

Jenny: Sure. We just need to wait for Karen to get here.

Larry: Okay, no 2 . So did you and Karen get the graphs finished?

Jenny: Oh yeah, that was a piece of cake. We just used Microsoft Excel, punched in the numbers and used the graph capability.

Larry: Super! So how does it look?

Jenny: Judge for 3 , it's right here.

Larry: Hey, that looks totally awesome! Ever consider a job in graphics design?

Jenny: (sarcastic) Yeah, right. Give me a break.

Larry: No, really, you two did a great job. It sure is easy to see how the level of carbon monoxide has risen in the city over the past few years. Can you believe it's actually risen by over thirty percent in four years? That's awful.

Jenny: You can say that again. Just think, we're breathing in all that stuff.

Larry: I know, I know. This will really 4 our argument. Improvements to the transit system would most certainly help us improve things.

Jenny: There's no doubt about it - we've gotta get more cars off the road. Anyway, before we 5 out the details for our presentation, maybe we should do some brainstorming and list all of the pros and cons of putting more money into transit.

Larry: Okay, sounds great. Let's just hang on 'til Karen arrives. She'll be here any second I'm 6 . So how are your classes anyway?

Jenny: Great. I didn't think I'd like some of them, but so 7 I've been enjoying them all. Well, except for Genetics of course - the lectures were way over my head. The prof was brutal.

Larry: I'll second that. I couldn't stand him either. Like you, I couldn't get what he said. I'm not sure how I passed that class. So how are you making out with it?

Jenny: Well, to tell you the truth, I dropped the class. I figured it might lower my GPA so I decided to take Computer Science instead.

Larry: Computer Science? You mean you can take it instead of Genetics?

Jenny: Sure, no problem. Genetics was only a science elective, so you can 8 much taken any science you feel like.

Larry: Really? I had no idea. If I'd known that, I would have taken computers too. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk I suppose.

Jenny: Nope, you're right 9 that. So how's life in rez? I heard you decided you'd had enough of driving back and forth to your apartment.

Larry: Yeah - rez is great so far. Some of the first-10 students get a bit rowdy on the weekends and everything, but other than that it's been pretty good.

Jenny: I lived in rez last year and it was a blast. Of course, we partied more often than we should have, but when it came time for finals we all buckled down and hit the books. You could've heard a 11 drop in April.

Larry: That's good to hear. Come exam time I'll be cramming day and night to get ready for my tests. If I don't ace my finals I'm going to have a hard time raising my GPA high enough to get into grad school.

Jenny: Hmmm... I guess you had better start studying now 12 of waiting until the last minute.

Larry: You're probably right, but I'm a bit of a procrastinator - I'm always putting things off. I work better under pressure - at least that's what I tell 13 . Hey, I think I see Karen ....

Larry and Jenny: Karen! Over here!

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