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My 1 Harry is from Somalia. He is 41 years old and he is married. His wife's name is Margret but Harry calls her Mag. They have 2 children. Their son is 12 2 old and his 3 is Sonny. They also have a 4 named April who is 10 years old. Both children speak English well but don't speak Somali outside their house. Harry speaks 5 but Margret is learning English at Bow Valley College. She thinks learning English is difficult.

Harry and his family have been in Canada for 3 years. They live in a 2 bedroom apartment which costs $650 a month. Harry works as the 6 caretaker and Margret cleans 7 at 8. They don't like their neighborhood because it is too noisy and there is too 9 traffic. His neighbors don't talk to him very much. Winters are very cold here and everything is 10. April really likes school and gets good grades but Sonny doesn't enjoy going to school. He likes playing sports but he thinks math is difficult.

Harry and Margret are trying to save money to buy a house in a quiet neighborhood close to her brother Sam who has been in Canada for 6 years. He is a mechanic and likes to fix cars. Sam is a single 11 with 2 teenage boys, Michael and Morris. They are 15-year-old 12. Sam and his boys are happy here and enjoy 13 football together. They also like fishing. I hope Harry and his family will be happy here too someday

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