Hockey Violence

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  1. Which statement is TRUE about hockey violence:

    The amount of violence is going up.
    The amount of violence is going down.
    Hockey began in the United States.
    Hockey is not popular in Canada.

  2. What happens to players who start a fight in hockey?

    They get a two-minute penalty.
    They are given a warning.
    They are taken to court to see a judge and charged with assault.
    They are not allowed to play for the rest of the game.

  3. Why do hockey players fight?

    to protect their best players
    to get respect for their team
    to "wake up" their team
    all of the above

  4. What has happened since the league changed the rules?

    More fighting is happening.
    Players enjoy playing the game more.
    There are more stick-related injuries.
    Fights rarely occur.

  5. Why would the league like to stop fighting?

    to get more people to watch the game
    to prevent injury to the players
    to increase the speed of game play
    to help skilled players play better

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