Mrs. Mason's Apartment

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  1. Does Mrs. Mason live in a three-bedroom apartment?

    Yes, she does
    No, it isn't
    No, she doesn't

  2. Who lives with Mrs. Mason?

    She lives with her husband
    She lives with her children
    She lives alone

  3. How many rooms are there in her apartment?

    She has five rooms
    There are five rooms
    It has four rooms

  4. Where does she park her car?

    She parks her car underground
    She parks her car on the street
    She parks her car behind her building

  5. How long has she lived in her apartment?

    She's lived there for a year
    She's lived there for half a year
    She's lived there for eighteen months

  6. How many problems are there in her apartment?

    There are three problems
    It has three problems
    Her apartment has two problems

  7. Why is Mrs. Mason going to look for a new apartment?

    The rent is going to be too expensive for her
    She doesn't like her present apartment
    There are too many problems with the apartment

  8. How much does she pay for rent?

    She pays $650.00 a month
    She paid $750.00 a month
    She pays $750.00 a month

  9. When is she going to look for another apartment?

    Next Monday
    In a couple of days

  10. Where is she going to look for a new apartment?

    Around her area
    She's going to look soon

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