The Dinner Party

Fill in the blanks

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John: Coming! Oh hi Mary. How are you?

Mary: I'm great, and you?

John: Good, thanks. Please, come in. Did you have any trouble 1 my house?

Mary: No trouble at all John, thanks. Your directions were great.

John: Oh, good. Let me get your jacket.

Mary: Thanks.

John: I'll just put it in the 2 . I'm so glad you could make it tonight.

Mary: So am I. I just can't wait to meet your friends. This is for you. Maybe we can drink it with dinner.

John: Oh Mary, you shouldn't have. But thanks, this Piesporter will go very well with dinner.

Mary: I hoped it would.

John: Right this way. Please, 3 me.

Mary: When will the other guests be arriving?

John: Other guests? What, did you think there were other people coming this evening? I thought we'd just have a nice 4 dinner together.

Mary: Oh John, you're always pulling my leg.

John: (laughing) Yes, I'm just kidding. They should be here any minute.

Mary: Great. By the way, is Theresa coming?

John: She said she would try her best to make it, but she might have houseguests coming in from out of town this weekend. We'll just have to wait and see. Why don't you make yourself 5 ?

Mary: Thanks.

John: Would you like something to drink?

Mary: That would be great. What do you have?

John: Well, I've got wine, juice, pop, and 6 water.

Mary: Hmmm. Do you have ginger ale?

John: Sure, one ginger ale coming right up. I'll be right back. (pause) Here you are. By the way, the drinks are on the counter in the kitchen. Please feel 7 to help yourself.

Mary: Thanks.

John: So Mary, what's new with you? How's life 8 you?

Mary: Everything's great. Did you hear about the promotion?

John: No, I didn't. Did you get it?

Mary: Yes, now I'm the head of the accounts department at the store.

John: Wonderful. Good for you!

Mary: It's been great. I've really enjoyed working with the staff and learning all about the accounting end of the business.

John: I'll bet. Great experience for you too. It'll look great on your 9 .

Mary: That's true.

John: So do you plan on doing that for a while then?

Mary: Yeah, I think I'll 10 a few years in accounting. I'm not sure if I want to spend the rest of my life working at a department store, but for now I'm happy.

John: Can you believe it's been five years since we worked together in the Children's department?

Mary: Hard to believe, isn't it?

John: Yup. Remember those crazy sale days and how the kids would make all that racket with the toys? I'll never forget the week we got that shipment of 11 we had to put on sale.

Mary: Oh, gawd. That was awful. It was constant noise.

John: Oh yeah, that was bad. Fun times, though.

Mary: So how about you? How's your new job?

John: Well, I like it so far. I only work nights and weekends. Plus the money's pretty good. That way, I can go to school during the day.

Mary: Doesn't it get really 12 there on Thursday nights? That's chicken wing night, isn't it?

John: That's right. It's nuts. Actually, a lot of international students come to the pub that night. They drink a lot of beer and eat tons of wings - the only problem is most of them don't tip.

Mary: Really?

John. Nope. I work twice as hard and make half the money.

Mary: Oh well, you make up for it on other nights, right?

John: Yeah, you're right. Fridays and Saturdays are pretty good for tips. If it weren't for that I'm not sure how I'd pay my 13 .

Mary: So what's the plan when you finish school?

John: I haven't made up my mind yet. Maybe I'll get a job with one of the oil companies in town.

Mary: Good idea - there's lots of work there.

John: Hey, I think that we have a few more visitors. I'll be right back...

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