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W: Trying to find a 1 to do anything is going to be 2 horrid. Do you have your daytimer?

M: I 3 , but I know my schedule pretty well, so let's give it a try.

W: Well, Monday I have my dance class...That's at 6:30. I don't know... What's...What's your time like on Monday?

M: Ah, Monday I work till about 10:00, so... I think you'll be 4 bed by then, so... I don't think so. What's Tuesday like for you?

W: Um, well, it's... oh god...Is that this week?

M: (laugh)

W: No... okay... hang on... Let's get into 5 week, apparently... you know... I...I had a meeting twice, or something 6 that but... um... Let's see, I have an interview with a TESL student at 4:10, which will give me exactly enough time to do the interview - they told me it was going to be half an hour 7 - but when I talked to Lisa on the phone, she said, "Well, I don't know how long the interview's supposed to be." She said, "According to my handout, it looks like it's supposed to be about an hour or... or maybe more" and I 8 , well, gee...

M: That's a long time for an interview.

W: It's supposed to be half an hour. And... and that's 9 I agreed to it: because it was only supposed to be half an hour, so even if it takes an hour, that'll be fine, because then I can, you know, if she 10 really at 4:10, then you know, I need to leave at 5:15 for my yoga class, so that'll be fine anyway, and ... and then I guess after yoga I really, if I really want to make up my 11 classes, I guess I should go to an extra dance class Tuesday night, too, but ... my god... if I work all day and then if I have an interview and then after I finish my yoga class and after that I try and go to another dance class, I don't know if I'll survive... and we have the CPO 12 night...

M: Right.

W: And, what are they doing? Was that Water Music?

M: It was Handel's Water Music, 13 . Uh, I can't remember what the other piece is though. It's... something classical, I'll bet.

W: Is (laugh) it a whole evening of Handel?

M: No.

W: It's something else... I wonder where I left that? 14 , I have the tickets on the bulletin board, so that's fine, and we should figure out somewhere to go for dinner before... What were we thinking 15 ?

M: How about Mexican?

W: Mexican?

M: Mexican food?

W: Mexican is good. Where did we go last time?

M: Ahh, Salt and Pepper.

W: On MacLeod?

M: Yeah.

W: Yeah. : Well, that might be good 16 , I guess. If we decide to do that, we need to make reservations, but... um

M: What time do you ... work till 17 Wednesday?

W: Well, unfortunately, I 18 a meeting. You know, it's funny because it's not in my Palm Pilot, but I swear that I have an executive meeting. And... it'll start at 3 but... sometimes they don't finish until 5 although they're generally supposed to be 19 by 4:00, so

M: Well, why don't you give me a call when you're done and I'll come 20 and pick you up?

W: OK, that's good, because that'll give us enough time and 21 we'll... um... if we make a reservation, we could make it for...

M: Six?

W: Six. OK. Um... That's good. And Thursday, I have 22 meeting with Jerry...

M: Actually, I work Thursday night as well, so...

W: Hmm...

M: Anything 23 ?

W: I don't know. You know, after that, I think I have something. Maybe it's that I need to go shopping. Because I'm at a wedding 24 on Friday which I also forgot to put in here...

M: Whose wedding?

W: Fred. Which is, you know...

M: He's 25 showered, is he?

W: He is, you know, because... um... well, we were thinking the juxtaposition of genders would be a really interesting thing to, you know, I thought we'd all get him, like, oven mitts and 26 like that.

M: Oh perfect. Towels and sheets.

W: Exactly. Because he needs that kind of stuff. He's been ... you know... living in a small apartment and doesn't have that stuff.

M: Is he 27 there once they get married or is he moving?

W: I don't know. I'm not entirely sure. But... uh... yeah... It'll be really small for them in that place because it's only 28 bedroom. But...

M: Maybe she doesn't have a lot.

W: Well yeah, she's from Poland, so... I wonder how she's getting her wedding presents here?

M: That'll 29 interesting.

W: It'd be awful, because... you can take a lot of weight when you 30 international, but..

M: They might just ship it.

W: It'd probably be breakable. I don't know... would people buy them... china and stuff that they'd have to ship? They're going to end up with all these 31 of china. Um... and this weekend I was thinking about going away but... I don't know... because I'm away next week and..

M: Where 32 you going away to?

W: I was thinking Lake Louise.

M: That'd be 33 .

W: Yeah... and the Chateau Lake Louise has specials until the end of May. The specials are really good, so that would be nice. Just, if it's still snowing... I don't really know if I want to commit to that 34 of drive because god knows the roads in the city are miserable enough.

M: Yeah. It might not be a 35 idea.

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