Apartment Problems

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Oxana: Hello, is this the building manager? Mr. Young? This is Oxana Stepankova in 5A. Do you have a 1 ?

Mr. Young: Yes, Mrs. ...um.... Ste....

Oxana: Stepankova. My husband Boris and I 2 moved in last month.

Mr. Young: Oh yeah. What can I do for you?

Oxana: Well, when we signed our 6 month lease, the landlord, Mr. Chan said you would come and fix up the deficiencies.

Mr. Young: Well, I've been really busy cleaning up after the big rainstorm last week. You know about the flood we had in the 3 room. What a mess!

Oxana: Well we have had our own flood in the bathroom because of the leak behind the toilet. That's why I'm phoning. I'm getting tired of cleaning it up. The people below us in 4A have 4 twice to us about water coming through their bathroom ceiling.

Mr. Young: That would be the Wilson's. I talked to Mrs. Wilson 5 this morning.

I had to order some parts for the toilet and I just got them today. Can I come up later? Say around 2:00 o'clock.

Oxana: Certainly. I'll make sure I'm home. What about the stove? Are you going to fix it too? The oven still 6 and one burner doesn't work.

Mr. Young: The man from Bestway Appliances promised me he'd be here today to fix your stove and the refrigerator door. Anything else?

Oxana: The cracked bedroom 7 , the loose closet door handle, the missing light in the dining room....

Mr. Young: Hold on ma'am. I don't know if I'll be able to get to 8 today.

Oxana: Look, I'm beginning to lose my patience. I'm going to phone Mr. Chan. The elevator is getting dangerous. I don't like using it with no lights in it. It scares me.

Mr. Young: There's no need to phone Mr. Chan, ma'am. I put a new light in the elevator this morning. Then I fixed the 9 door to the underground parking. After that I unplugged the bathtub in 2B. This is a big apartment building, Mrs. Stepanovic. I've only got 2 hands and the storm didn't help things any.

Oxana: My name is still Stepankova. The same name on my mailbox. The same name on my rent cheque, and definitely the same name on my lease.

Mr. Young: Sorry Mrs. Stepankova. I'll try my best to fix everything up for you today.

I'll phone Bestway again to make 10 the repairman is still coming and I'll be up at 2:00 with my tools.

Oxana: I'm counting on it. Good-bye.

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