Renting an Apartment

Length 1:30    Level - II

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  1. How did Sarah find out about the apartment?

    She saw an ad in today's paper.
    She saw an ad in yesterday's paper.
    She saw a sign in front of the apartment building.

  2. From the balcony of the apartment, what can you see?

    A view of downtown.
    A view of the river.
    A view of a park.

  3. Are there laundry facilities in the apartment?

    Yes, they're off the kitchen area.
    Yes, they are by the front door.
    No, but they're on each floor of the building.

  4. How many appliances come with the apartment?

    Four. It comes with a fridge, stove, dishwasher and a microwave.
    Only two. It comes with a fridge and a stove.

  5. Is the underground parking included in the rent?

    Yes, but the parking isn't underground. It's behind the building.
    No, it isn't. It's an extra $35.00 a month.
    No, it's an extra $45.00 a month.

  6. Sarah wants to view the apartment during an evening, doesn't she?

    Yes, she doesn't.
    Yes, she did.
    Yes, she does.

  7. If Sarah rents the apartment, there will be three persons living in the apartment, won't there?

    Yes, there will.
    No, there won't. There'll be four.
    No, there will be two persons renting the apartment.

  8. What does Sarah have to do when she arrives at the building to view the apartment?

    She has to phone Mr. Willis first.
    She has to press the intercom button for Mr. Willis' apartment.
    She just has to knock on Mr. Willis' door.

  9. What's Sarah's husband's name?

    It's Bart Foley.
    It's Mark Folsey.
    It's Mark Foley.

  10. Is Sarah going to view the apartment alone?

    No, she's going to view it with her friend.
    No, she isn't. She's going to view it with Mark.
    No, she's going to view it with two of her co-workers.

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