Returning an Item

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  1. What does the clerk first ask the customer?

    He asks if there is anything he can do for her.
    He asked whether there was anything he could do for her.
    He asks is there anything I can do for you

  2. How does the customer answer the clerk's first question?

    She says I would like to return this microwave oven.
    She says she would like to return that microwave oven.
    She said that she would have liked to return that microwave oven.

  3. Why does the woman want to return the microwave oven?

    She wants to return it because it's noisy and the controls don't work right.
    She wants to return it because she wants another model.
    She wants to get a demo model.

  4. Does the customer have her sales slip with her?

    No, she doesn't. She has her receipt.
    Yes, she has it with her.
    Yes, it does.

  5. The microwave oven that the customer brought in was a demo, wasn't it?

    Yes, it is.
    Yes, it was.
    No, it wasn't.

  6. The clerk still has the same microwave model in stock for an exchange, doesn't he?

    Yes, he has one for an exchange.
    No, he hasn't.
    No, he doesn't.

  7. Does the clerk say that they've discontinued carrying the same model?

    Yes, he have.
    Yes, he does.
    Yes, he has discontinued.

  8. Will the customer take a refund or order another microwave oven?

    Yes, she will.
    She'll take a refund.
    She'll order another microwave.

  9. Because this model is out of stock, can the clerk order another one?

    No, he can't. The store has discontinued carrying it.
    No, he can't. The model isn't being made anymore.
    No, he couldn't. The store discontinued carrying it.

  10. The clerk will give the customer her refund after she signs the refund slip, won't he?

    No, he will.
    Yes, he won't.
    Yes, he will.

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