Science Class

Length 1:16    Level - II

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  1. Who is the speaker talking to?

    A class of science students.
    A group of teachers.
    English language students.
    His teacher.

  2. What is the 2nd step of the experiment?

    Empty the water out of the cans.
    Glue white paper around one can and black paper around the other can.
    Make 2 cardboard lids.
    Wash your hands.

  3. After you put the water in the cans where do you put them?

    In the fridge.
    In the sink.
    In the window.
    On your desk.

  4. What is the thermometer for?

    To check your temperature.
    To check the water temperature.
    To stir the water in the cans.
    To tell you when the water is boiling.

  5. What should happen to the water in the cans after 30 minutes in the sun?

    The water in both cans will be the same.
    The water in both cans will be cooler.
    The water in the black can will be warmer than the water in the white can.
    The water in the white can will be warmer than the water in the black can.

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