Buying a Sweater

Length 1:26    Level - I

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  1. How much time does the man have before the store closes when he first talks to the sales clerk?

    5 minutes
    10 minutes
    15 minutes
    30 minutes

  2. What is his problem?

    What is his problem?
    He forgot to bring his sweater from work.
    He wants to know the price of a sweater he likes.
    He wants to return a sweater.

  3. How much is the regular price of the sweater?

    15 Dollars
    36 Dollars
    60 Dollars
    16 Dollars

  4. Why did the man get upset?

    Because the sweater was too expensive
    Because the sales clerk took too much time finding the price.
    Because his computer did not work.
    Because he lost his wallet.

  5. Why did the clerk say that she would phone another store?

    To find a larger sweater for the man.
    To talk to her friend.
    To get the price of the sweater.
    To see if the other store had a brown sweater.

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