Thomas and Norbert

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  1. Is Thomas Barnes a golfer?

    Yes, he is
    No, but Norbert Singh is
    No, he doesn't

  2. Norbert is older than Thomas, isn't he?

    Yes, he is
    No, he's younger than Thomas
    No, he doesn't

  3. Where does Norbert live?

    In Winnipeg
    In Calgary
    In Manitoba

  4. What's Thomas' eye colour?

    It's dark brown
    It's light blue
    They're blue

  5. Who has longer hair, Norbert or Thomas?

    Thomas does
    Norbert does
    Thomas is

  6. Was Thomas born in Calgary?

    Yes, he was
    No, Norbert is.
    No, he wasn't

  7. How old is Norbert?

    He's in his thirties
    He's in his forties
    He's in his twenties

  8. How long has Thomas been in Canada?

    All his life
    He has been in Canada for five years ago
    For five years

  9. Who is Caucasian?

    Thomas is
    Norbert is
    Both Thomas and Norbert are

  10. What's Norbert's marital status.

    He's married
    He's single
    He's separated

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