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One of the favorite pastimes of students in Western Canada is eating chicken wings. Have you ever tried it? Well, if you haven't you really should give it a 1. Chicken wings are an appetizer. Bars and pubs often sell chicken wings at a very low price - around fourteen cents each - in order to get more people to visit their establishments. As well, if bar patrons eat hot wings, they are 2 to drink more beer than they would normally.

For those of you who have eaten chicken wings, did you know that there is a kind of chicken wing etiquette? Before you order up a 3 of chicken wings, take some time to consider a few of the social rules.

First of all, you need to remember that the bar is 4 money on the wing special. If you ever check the price of wings at the local supermarket you'll know right away that uncooked and unprepared wings cost up to three times more. The fact is, wings are a bar promotion 5 to get customers to go to the bar and spend money. Therefore, ordering a plate of 50 wings and a glass of water would be considered taking advantage of the promotion. The waitress might give you a dirty look or, in some cases, she may demand that you buy an alcoholic drink. In fact, some bars will only give you a limited number of wings per beer. So, if you're ordering wings, make sure you at 6 order a pop or some other drink.

For the same reason, it would also be considered rude to totally pig out on chicken wings. Sure, you can have thirty or forty wings no 7. Order seventy to a hundred wings and the waitress or even your friends might wonder what is wrong with you. As well, don't ask the waitress to put leftover wings in a doggie bag or to give you the wings as "take-out". Most bars won't want you to take wings home with you. It's always important to remember that wings are a promotional 8.

In addition, you should know something about ordering wings. First, 9 with your friends the type of wings that you want so the waitress doesn't have to stand around waiting for you to discuss it. Then, choose a number of wings to order. Usually wings are only sold in batches of 10's or 12's. Next, raise your 10 finger and try to get your waitress' attention. Never snap your fingers. Remember, only get the attention of your waitress. Waitresses from other sections won't want to help you because they won't be getting tipped by you. In most 11, they'll only offer to get your waitress for you anyway.

Well, sit back and enjoy your wings. Be sure to put all of the chicken bones on the plate provided. And, finally, make sure that you tip generously. A tip of from 15 to 20% will make sure that next time you return to the bar you will get good service from the waitress. Hey, you may even want to ask her name and thank her before you go.

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