Phase I Initial

Inge Cuts Hair

Mo Stays Warm

Lien Buys Food

Deng Starts School

Phase I Developing

A Part Time Job

Amir Gets Sick

Andres Needs Gas

Food From Home

Mursal on the Bus

Phase I Adequate

A Proud Canadian

Mark Goes to the Dentist

Perminder's Cleaning Day

Visiting Friends

Phase II Initial

A Cold Winter Day

A Problem at Work

Jiadeep's Big Fall

Lien Goes Shopping

Sado Goes to School

Phase II Developing

Andre's Speeding Ticket

Maria Gets Sick

Mursal's Trip to School

Pooja Finds a Job

Spending Too Much Money

Phase II Adequate

A Relaxing Weekend

A Terrible Toothache

Ali Chooses a Leader

Natasha's Trip to Canada

Perminder Looks for a Home