Paying a Bill

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  1. How much is the customer's telephone bill?


  2. How is the customer paying for the telephone bill?

    By cheque.
    With a credit card.
    The customer is paying cash.

  3. When is the telephone company office closing?

    In fifteen minutes.
    In ten minutes.
    In half an hour.

  4. Does the customer give the cashier $60.00?

    Yes, it is.
    No, he doesn't.
    Yes, he does.

  5. Customers have to pay their bills at the telephone office, don't they?

    Yes, they have.
    No, they haven't.
    No, they don't.

  6. If people pay their bills at a bank, they have to pay a small fee, don't they?

    No, they don't.
    Yes, they pay.
    Yes, they do.

  7. The customer would rather pay his bill through the bank, wouldn't he?

    Yes, he would.
    Yes, he would rather.
    Yes, he wouldn't.

  8. A person can pay his bill with a cheque by mail, can't he.

    No, he can't. A bill must be paid through a bank.
    Yes, he can't.
    Yes, he can.

  9. The customer thinks that paying his bill through his bank is inconvenient, doesn't he?

    No, he doesn't.
    Yes, he doesn't.
    No, it doesn't.

  10. Wasn't the customer's bill payment due yesterday?

    No, it wasn't.
    Yes, it wasn't.
    Yes, it was.

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