Bob and Susan

Length 2:57    Level - III

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  1. Based on the conversation, what is the relationship between Bob and Susan?

    best friends

  2. What did Susan do in Vancouver?

    She had a holiday.
    She went backpacking.
    She trained for her job.
    All of the above

  3. Why did Bob decide to buy a new car?

    Truck repairs were too expensive.
    His truck used too much gasoline.
    He wanted to buy a Honda Civic.
    Susan didn't like his truck.

  4. How much did it cost to tow Bob's truck to the auto shop?


  5. Based on the listening, what are "errands"?

    friends and relatives
    places to visit
    short trips and jobs to do
    bills requiring payment

  6. Based on the listening, what does "give somebody a shout" mean?

    make an appointment with somebody
    yell or scream at somebody
    take somebody somewhere
    phone or contact somebody

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