Getting Fit

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  1. What can't Bill believe?

    That George is exercising.
    That George's dad had a heart attack.
    That George doesn't eat lunch.
    That there is time for exercise.

  2. George started to exercise because

    he was out of shape.
    he wanted to lower his risk of a heart attack.
    he didn't want to eat lunch.
    He had extra time.

  3. How many times a week does George go swimming?

    He doesn't swim.
    Twice a week.
    Three times a week.
    Every day.

  4. What is another way that George suggests getting exercise?

    Riding a bike to work.
    Catching the bus.
    Not eating lunch.
    Taking the elevator.

  5. What are some of the benefits that George feels?

    He feels better.
    He has more energy.
    He feels less stress.
    All of the above.

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