Frank's Check Up

Length 2:40    Level - II

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  1. What does "lifestyle" mean?

    The clothes that Frank likes to wear.
    The kinds of things that Frank does in his life, like eating, sleeping and exercise.
    Frank's new haircut.
    The kinds of food the Frank likes.

  2. What is Frank's age?


  3. What is the most serious problem that Frank has to change?

    He has to stop smoking.
    Drinking decaf coffee.
    He needs to walk more.
    He should be working full time instead of 4 hours a day.

  4. What's the problem with Frank's cholesterol levels?

    They are too low.
    They are too high.
    He doesn't have any cholesterol.
    He needs to drink more regular coffee in the morning.

  5. Who pays for Frank's visits to the doctor?

    Frank does.
    Frank's doctor.
    Alberta Health Care.
    They are free.

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