My Friend Harry

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  1. Where is Harry from?

    South Africa
    South America

  2. How long have they lived in Canada?

    How long have they lived in Canada?
    3 years
    6 years
    13 months

  3. Harry works as a

    carpet layer
    car mechanic

  4. What language do Sonny and April speak with their friends?


  5. Harry and Margret don't like their apartment because

    it's too expensive.
    It's too small
    The neighborhood is too quiet.
    There is too much traffic.

  6. What does Sonny like playing?

    The guitar
    The stereo

  7. Who is Sam?

    The landlord
    Harry's son
    April's teacher
    Margret's brother

  8. What do Michael and Morris like to do with their father?

    Go swimming
    Play hockey
    Go fishing
    Watch baseball

  9. Harry thinks that Canada is

    very nice
    too expensive
    too hot
    too quiet

  10. What do Harry and Margret want to do in the future?

    Go back to Somalia
    Get a bigger apartment
    Get a house in a different neighborhood
    Move to Toronto

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