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  1. What are the man and woman talking about?

    taking courses
    going to a movie
    where to eat
    finding a place to live

  2. What did the man want to do?

    Go dancing.
    Study aromatherapy.
    Take a massage therapy course.
    Find a partner.

  3. Where is the class on May 25?

    Thornhill Pool
    Bob Bahan Pool
    Saturday Pool
    Relaxation Pool

  4. What kind of chemicals help reduce the risk of heart disease?


  5. Which course is NOT mentioned?

    Body Detoxing

  6. Kundalini yoga classes started in


  7. Which class is NOT offered just for women?

    Introductory yoga
    Basic Camping

  8. What is the man's complaint?

    There are no courses he can take.
    He can't find anything he likes.
    He doesn't like outdoor activities.
    There are no courses just for men.

  9. What are the dates for Basic Camping for Women?

    April 8th to 15th.
    April 15th to 18th.
    May 8th to 15th.
    May 15th to 18th.

  10. What certificate can women get?

    Women Outdoors Certificate
    Women Hiking Certificate
    Kundalini Yoga Certificate
    Bears in the Backcountry Certificate

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