The Dinner Party

Length 2:57    Level - III

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  1. Why is Mary excited to be at the party?

    She wants to visit with John.
    She looks forward to meeting John's friends.
    She enjoys John's cooking.
    She has never been to John's house before.

  2. What did Mary give John?

    a box of candy
    a houseplant.
    a bottle of wine
    a cake

  3. From the listening, what does "to pull someone's leg" mean?

    say something that is rude
    tell somebody a lie
    make fun of somebody
    make a joke or tease someone

  4. Why does John think that Theresa may not arrive?

    She may have visitors.
    She is moving into her new house.
    She is working.
    She has to study for her finals.

  5. What is the relationship between John and Mary?

    best friends
    boyfriend and girlfriend
    former co-workers

  6. What is John's job?

    toy store clerk
    oil company executive

  7. From the listening, what does "nuts" mean?


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