Making Plans

Length 4:24    Level - III

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  1. Until what time does the man work on Monday?


  2. Who is the woman having an interview with on Tuesday?

    a dancer
    a musician
    a teacher
    a student

  3. How long is the meeting supposed to be?

    15 minutes
    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    90 minutes

  4. Why doesn't the women think she can go to an extra dance class?

    She doesn't like to dance.
    She has a meeting at that time.
    She'll be too tired.
    She'll be at the CPO.

  5. Where are the man and woman going Wednesday evening?

    a concert
    a movie
    a play
    a sporting event

  6. Where are they going for dinner?

    his house
    her house
    the CPO
    Salt and Pepper

  7. What is happening of Friday?

    a wedding
    a wedding shower
    a meeting
    a dance class

  8. Who is getting married?

    a friend of the man
    the man
    a friend of the woman
    the woman

  9. Why are people giving Fred oven mitts and stuff?

    because he doesn't have any
    because he likes to cook
    because they are breakable
    because his place is small

  10. Why might it not be a good idea to go to Lake Louise?

    the price
    the weather
    time constraints
    the distance

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