Apartment Problems

Length 2:04    Level - II

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  1. Who is Mr. Young?

    The landlord
    The man who lives in the apartment below
    The building manager
    Oxana's husband

  2. Why is Mrs. Stepankova calling?

    To invite the building manager for dinner
    To complain about her apartment problems
    Because she is lonely
    She wants a new mailbox

  3. How long have the Stepankova's lived in the apartment?

    1 month
    6 months
    They just moved in
    1 year

  4. What's wrong with the kitchen stove?

    The oven doesn't work properly
    The door is loose
    The clock is broken
    One burner is missing

  5. Why does Mrs. Stepankova want to phone Mr. Chan?

    Because her apartment is too small
    She likes Chinese food
    There was a terrible rainstorm last week and it scared her
    Because the building manager hasn't fixed any of the problems in the apartment

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