Chicken Wings

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  1. How much do chicken wings usually cost at the bar?

    ten cents
    fourteen cents
    forty cents
    fifty cents

  2. From the listening, what is a "bar patron"?

    a manager
    a waitress
    a bartender
    a customer

  3. From the listening, what is "etiquette"?

    social rules
    a plate of chicken wings
    a way to cook chicken wings

  4. If you order wings and water, what might the waitress do?

    ask you to leave the restaurant
    ask you to order alcohol
    add a charge for the water
    add a 20% tip to the bill

  5. What should you do if you want to order wings?

    snap your fingers as the waitress walks by
    get the attention of any waitress nearby
    close the menu and put it in the middle of the table
    raise your "pointing" finger and catch your waitress' eye

  6. Which of the following would NOT break chicken wing etiquette:

    tipping 5% of the total bill
    ordering water
    ordering 40 wings at one time
    getting wings for take-out

  7. If somebody gives you a dirty look, they are:

    probably smiling or laughing at what you have done
    unhappy and trying to change your behavior
    staring at you with shock or surprise
    angry at you and want you to leave

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